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Transforming the relationship with your doctors
One of the major challenges faced by hospitals is to generate attractiveness for doctors in performing procedures. We know that today there are many hospitals of excellent quality in terms of infrastructure, but it is the agility in giving the answers the great driver so that the doctor chooses his hospital and not the competitor.

Anima is a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to give the doctor immediate access to the information he needs, anywhere. The bureaucracy will not be an obstacle for the doctor to choose his hospital when scheduling a procedure.



Provide agility
  • Imagine your doctor accessing relevant information directly on your cell phone or in a self-care facility in your hospital;
  • Everything is solved through simple dialogues. Doubts or any information, which today require effort of the doctor accessing systems or even calling a call center.



Optimize your investments
  • No matter where the information is, Anima can capture this information and translate it into a friendly and relevant response in a dialogue with the doctor;
  • Through integration with its various systems, it significantly reduces its cost in providing information;
  • Your information can be in systems (MV, Tasy, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force), in knowledge bases (manuals, documents), internal procedures, or any other sources, all this is raw material for Anima to offer excellent service.



Tranquility with your data
  • Anima is totally safe. You decide which level of checking you want to ask the doctor, before giving any relevant information;
  • Facial recognition, authentication by cell phone or token, the level of requirement your hospital defines.





Constant evolution
  • Anima is trained in the skills you want him to have, and he can always learn more!
  • By analyzing the data captured in the dialogues, it's possible to identify patterns of behavior or even necessary skills that are topics of interest for doctors.
Learning new skills is driven by your business.



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